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Minister for people of all lifestyles and beliefs to explore goodness with!



About Rev. Joy Lovejoy


Minister, Chaplain, Life Coach, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Mother, Grandmother, and Friend formerly known as Cindy Baldwin.

YOU Create Your Life


It can be challenging to overcome the effects of other people's choices and illness, but YOU get to choose how you respond. You have more freedom than you may realize!

The Universe is For You!


Quantum Physics has proven that everything exists first as waves of possibility - waves of conscious energy. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Learn how to focus on, increase and accept all the good that is here for you right now.


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Let me know if you'd like to have an appointment for spiritual coaching via video or by phone. I also am available at the Yuma Center for Spiritual Living on Sunday mornings. Our Interfaith/New Thought service is 10-11am and I am available for counseling in person afterward.

Joy Lovejoy

(907) 339-0178


Monday - Friday: (Yuma, AZ Time Zone) 10am - 5pm by appointment