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Minister for people of all lifestyles and beliefs to explore goodness with!

Yuma weddings, funerals and more...



If you want to change, even if you don't know exactly how, give me a call and we can explore whether we're a good match. I LOVE helping people find their own definition of spirituality, and the path to their true magnificence!



Let's co-create a meaningful and special wedding ceremony to solidify your commitment to each other, and to celebrate your love in Yuma. Choose your own spiritual passages and make this special day entirely and uniquely yours!


Celebration of Life


I believe our souls are eternal. I would be honored to support you in creating a funeral ceremony in Yuma to celebrate your loved one's life, recognizing the special moments and unique contributions they made while they were with you physically.

Home Blessings


We come together to celebrate and clear your home, do a  home blessing, and claim continued blessings on those who live in Yuma. We dedicate ourselves and your home to peace, love, health, abundance, and wholeness.

Baby Blessings


Every new child brings life and hope into the world. A baby blessing ceremony is a special time to celebrate this sacred gift.  There is no “standard” Ceremony. Each service uses different elements from the family's cultural and religious tradition. The values of your family give the ceremony meaning, and we affirm your commitment to nurture the child in Yuma. 



I love to visit various Spiritual Centers to give entertaining and uplifting talks. Please book well ahead and give me an idea of the topic, if you have something specific in mind. I will weave in stories and sacred scriptures from various traditions that suit your audience. Typical length is 20 minutes.